Spring Potpourri II

March 4 – Famous People Who Lived in Milwaukee

Expect to be amazed by all the famous men and women who lived in Milwaukee. Learn about these Milwaukee natives in this overview, including a first-of-his-kind politician who left us a legacy you can buy in a bag and see on TV every week, two civil rights leaders, the man who actually won the Cold War; the man who invented two things most of us in this room are now using or soon will, the woman who introduced something all of us and our kids have used, one of the world’s greatest scientific geniuses, two heads of the world’s greatest corporation, the leaders of two foreign countries, the man who put the “On Wisconsin” in “On Wisconsin”, two of our greatest generals (one of whom predicted the death of a man you have all seen die), the man whose memorial you have all seen, but did not know who it was for, a starship captain, and of course, Oprah and many others.

March 11 – Shipwrecks of Milwaukee

Be surprised by the many shipwrecks in Milwaukee. In this course, learn about a ghost ship, Lake Michigan’s own Titanic and a fish you can catch with your hands.  Be surprised by the ship sunk by air pollution, two shipwrecks with the same name, and a shipwreck you used to see all the time.  But wait! There are more: A Spanish gunboat from the Spanish-American War; two shipwrecks you can walk across; a ship sunk by its rescuers; a fireboat on fire; a shipwreck connected to Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro, a witch, a civil rights murder, the West Coast doo-wop sound, and the man who made the most amount of money on an hourly basis in history; an upside down shipwreck; a plague ship; and a shipwreck that stopped being a shipwreck. And of course, we’ll cover Yogi Berra.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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