RIP — The Making of a Musical

Ever wonder what it takes to create a major musical production? Osher member Robert Grede began his career as a successful jingle writer before becoming an entrepreneur, educator, marketing professional and best-selling author. Upon retirement, he decided to merge his lifelong love of music with his penchant for telling stories by composing the music and writing the libretto for a musical. Set in the McCobb Mortuary, “RIP – a Musical Comedy of Life and Death” presents a humorous portrayal of the hereafter. Each character ponders life’s great question: “What’s next? Do we all await the same fate? Or is Heaven unique for each of us?” Robert will share the rewards and challenges of writing, producing, rewriting, casting, rehearsing, rewriting once more and staging this major musical production. “RIP” debuts in the performance space at Milwaukee’s Next Act Theater on July 17, 2024.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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