Everyday Ethics

We often think of ethics as applying primarily to the big questions of life and death.  Actually, we face ethical issues quite frequently and sometimes we should sweat the small stuff and give thought to behaviors like lying or gossiping. This course is based on one of the Great Courses, “Moral Decision Making: How to Approach Everyday Ethics.”  Clancy Martin, Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, takes an approach that is practical, but is rooted in the thinking of the great philosophers. There will be some reading assignments to familiarize ourselves with those philosophers and to be ready for extensive discussion. Other topics covered include: why be good? Are we obligated to be healthy? Is it stealing to eat a couple grapes at the grocery store? And, are whistleblowers disloyal?


Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson is a retired RN who is interested in the people and places that have made an impact on our world and history. She has given presentations for Osher on a variety of topics, including mystic Hildegard von Bingen, ... read more

Date: 6 Tue, Oct 1-Nov 5, 2024

Delivery Method: In-person

Time: 2:15-3:30pm CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, WI

Instructor: Kathy Johnson

Fee: $35

Program Number: FALL:118

Registration opens Tue, Aug 6, 2024.

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