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Everyday Ethics

View six lectures from the Great Courses, Moral Decision Making: How to Approach Everyday Ethics. Clancy Martin, chair of philosophy at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, takes a practical approach rooted in the great philosophers. There are reading assignments. Topics covered: Is it wrong to make as much money as I can? What are my obligations to the poor? Can we do better than the Golden Rule? Why we can’t live just for pleasure and more.


Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson is a retired RN who is interested in the people and places that have made an impact on our world and history. She has given presentations for Osher on a variety of topics including mystic Hildegard von Bingen, ... read more

Date: 6 Tue, Mar 22-Apr 26, 2022

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 12:30-1:45pm CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Canvas

Instructor: Kathy Johnson

Fee: $35

Program Number: SPRI:144

Registration opens Tue, Jan 11, 2022.

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