China’s Century of Humiliation: Relevance Today

China’s “Century of Humiliation” describes the period from the Opium Wars through World War II. It is a key part of modern China’s founding narrative. Opinions diverge on applying the lessons from this difficult history. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) asserts that their victory in the 1949 civil war ended the Century of Humiliation, validating their legitimacy. The CCP believes that Taiwan must be united with Mainland China to correct remaining historical wrongs. Many people in Taiwan believe that the Chinese people were wronged during this period but they object to the CCP using this narrative to take control of Taiwan. We will explore what was the Century of Humiliation and how it is being used in modern politics.


Rick Rocamora

Rick Rocamora was a power systems engineer for Cooper Power Systems for 41 years and retired in 2015. Rick visited China frequently between 1995 and 2005. From 2005 to 2015, Rick worked and lived for 10 years in China, setting ... read more

Date: Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 12:30-1:45pm CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Zoom

Instructor: Rick Rocamora

Fee: $10

Program Number: SPRI:346

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