Get Involved – UWM and Beyond

Want to find out what there is to do at UW-Milwaukee and beyond? Check out the following resources below!

Student Involvement

We encourage our students to explore Milwaukee and beyond! Check out the Student Involvement site for things to do around Milwaukee! Milwaukee offers a variety of excellent museums, show venues, sporting events, parks, and historic sites. Check out the page here.

Student Organizations And More!

There is so much to do at UW-Milwaukee! You can develop new skills, make friends, join a club, and of course, explore what the city has to offer. With more than 300 student organizationssociocultural programsfraternities & sororities, a variety of leadership and organization training opportunities, the UWM Bucket List, major campus traditions like PantherFest and the new Dance MarathonCampus Activities BoardfilmsUnion Rec Center, the Union Art Gallery, the Distinguished Lecture Series, and much, much more, there’s always something to check out!


Want to know what’s happening at UWM? Interested in when movies are playing at the Union Cinema or when to join the next social outing? Keep an eye on the events page of the Student Involvement site! You can track that here.

Get Involved

Looking for things to do? Want to explore the city? Check out hiking and biking trails or see what music venues there are in Milwaukee? Then check out this page of the student involvement site for all kinds of information! Other students even put together a special “Bucket List” of activities to check out! It lists 56 different places to go and things to do both on and off campus. If you check of all 56 things before you graduate, you can get a free T-shirt!

Arts & Entertainment

Interested in the arts? Check out the arts and entertainment page for all kinds of great resources! You can look up information about the Union Art Gallery, UWM Rec Center, Studio Arts and Crafts Centre, and the Union Theatre!

Campus Traditions

There are several recurring events and activities at UWM, like Geek Week, Panther Fest, The Distinguished Lecture Series, and more! Check them out here!

Student Leadership

Are you interested in leadership skill building or enhancement? Want to work on your skills? The Student Leadership Program at UWM engages students in leadership experiences that complement and enhance the academic, co-curricular, career, and community-engagement opportunities at UW-Milwaukee. Check out more information here!

Student Organizations

Want to make some new friends who share your same hobby? Or join an academic club to further opportunities for learning? Participation in student organizations offers you opportunities for fellowship, leadership, recreation, and meaningful interaction with faculty, staff, and peers. The good friends and times encountered through being actively involved on campus can help transform what is sometimes a large and overwhelming institution into a place you can call “home.” There are a variety of organizations to choose from. Find out more here!