Exit Form and Transfer Out

If you have any questions about this form, please email the ELA office at el-academy@uwm.edu.

Exit form

Transfer Out

To Transfer from UWM to another university

If a student wishes to transfer out of the UWM ELA after attending for at least one Session, they must complete these steps:

  • Complete the ELA Exit Form
  • Submit a welcome letter from the new school
  • Pay any remaining balance on PAWS account
  • If you are leaving mid-semester of a semester-long program, you must schedule an appointment with the immigration advisor for an exit interview and pay the $300 exit fee

To Transfer from UWM to another university without attending a full session

If a student transfers out of the program before attending classes that student must complete the following steps:

Students have 30 days from entering the United States to transfer to a new school and begin classes.