Become an ELA Tutor

The English Language Academy occasionally needs experienced tutors to assist with students in our Intensive English Program and our English for Academic Purposes program. Tutors can assist with classroom activities or can assist students one-on-one, depending on program needs. Tutoring is a strictly volunteer position. The English Language Academy is currently unable to compensate tutors at this time. The Assistant Academic Director – Intensive English Program, Lindsey Hill, can offer letters of recommendation for tutors who display consistent and successful tutoring to our students.

Tutors are assigned on an as-needed basis. Once a tutor submits their resume and is approved by the Assistant Academic Director – Intensive English Program, they will be put on the tutor list and will be notified. Tutors will then be contacted if any needs arise in the English Language Academy.

Tutors must:

  1. Be a native speaker of English or, if they are a non-native speaker of English, must have an advanced level of English proficiency (C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference)
  2. Have previous experience tutoring in ESL, or a similar field (such as English/language arts, another language, or linguistics)
  3. Have availability to work with students during the week during class times and/or in the late afternoons after class times. (To view Intensive English Program class times, consult our website here. To view English for Academic Purposes class times, please consult the UWM Schedule of Classes and search for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and the correct semester.)
  4. Be reliable and flexible, possessing a growth mindset
  5. Work with the Assistant Academic Director – Intensive English Program and/or teachers with subjects, topics, and language issues to be addressed during tutoring sessions.

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Experience working with international students

If you are interested in tutoring or if you have any questions, please email our Assistant Academic Director of the Intensive English Program, Lindsey Hill, at with your resume (CV) and a short paragraph describing why you are interested in tutoring with the English Language Academy.