Dance Marathon

Panther Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a new tradition on campus at UWM! The annual Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropic event, which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The proceeds from the Dance Marathon at UWM will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin!

Panther Miracle Network Dance Marathon 2016
November 12, 2016

Dancers commit to staying on their feet for the ten-hour event in support of the first Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Dance Marathon’s mission statement: “We dance for those who can’t.”

Sign Up as a Dancer

Students, faculty, staff and community members can sign up as dancers here!

While registering for the event, dancers are encouraged to set a fundraising goal to help support the overall goal of raising $15,000 in our second year. The registration process will generate a fundraising page for each dancer, which makes helping the kids easy and fun!

Interested in joining the team that makes this miraculous event happen? Consider applying to become a member of the Dance Marathon later this fall!

For the Kids!

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