The Pantherfest Working Group is a committee of students and full-time staff members who plan every detail of UWM’s largest annual tradition and Fall Welcome event. Every year, a Pantherfest student co-chair is hired to co-manage the Pantherfest planning and production.

The Pantherfest Working Group begins its planning in February and holds weekly meetings leading up to Pantherfest. After the Working Group creates a general plan for the event, members break off into five groups: Artist Selection, Pantherfest Street Fest, Event Support, Patron Experience, and Marketing.

Each task group has its own purpose. Artist Selection surveys students for musical artists and works closely with Summerfest to extend offers to artists for the event. Street Fest plans the carnival-like festival, including contacting vendors and entertainment activities. Event Support helps to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Patron Experience creates a safe and enjoyable environment for Pantherfest-goers, making sure they get from Street Fest to the concert and back to their homes with ease. The Marketing Task Group informs students on artist selection, tickets, safety, and other information.

These 25 people help make Pantherfest enjoyable, safe, and something everyone can remember for years!

If you need accommodations for this event,
please contact The Accessibility Resource Center by phone at (414) 229-6287
or by email at

Pantherfest 2017 will be on Friday, September 8th.  See you there!