Combating Anti-Black Racism in Brazil and Beyond

Recently, SAPIENS, a digital anthropological magazine, published an interview with anthropologist Christen A. Smith that “[provided] insights into resisting police violence and creating safe societies for people of African descent.” This interview features topics like police brutality, the assassination of Marielle … Continue Reading »


Arturita,  a “collaborative digital humanities project aimed at facilitating exchange between archival communities in Latin America and the world”, hosts a few different books and published works for free on their website. One example is “Approaches to Chilean Cinema in … Continue Reading »

Stitching Resistance

The Latin American and Iberian Institute at the University of New Mexico has curriculum on the topic of “the history and sociopolitical context of the Chilean dictator, Pinochet, and the related art form known as arpilleras.” Arpilleras are a type … Continue Reading »

Restoring Women to World Studies

Through “Hemispheres: The International Outreach Consortium”, the University of Texas at Austin has made available a variety of teaching resources. One of which is called “Restoring Women to World Studies” and focuses on bringing women back into the forefront of … Continue Reading »