Visiting Faculty/Research Scholars

CLACS supports international as well as domestic guest faculty and researchers affiliated with the university or invited to UWM by CLACS faculty from across Schools and Colleges.

Visiting Faculty and Research Scholars

  • Elena Mihas

    Elena Mihas

  • Rafael Ortega

    Rafael Ruiz Ortega

  • Christiane Taubira

    Christiane Taubira

  • Vicki Unruh

    Vicky Unruh

Elena Mihas
James Cook University, Australia
Affiliation: CLACS/Linguistics (ongoing)
Country of Research: Peru
Research Interests: Linguistics, language preservation

Rafael Ruiz Ortega
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, A.C. (CIDE)
Affiliation: CLACS/School of Freshwater Science (Fall 2016)
Country of Research: Mexico
Research Interests: Water conflicts and policy

Christiane Taubira
Former French Justice Minister, 2012-2016
Affiliation: CLACS/French, Italian and Comparative Literature (ongoing)
Country of Residence: French Guiana
Research Interests: women’s rights, discrimination, civil rights, racism, criminal justice.
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Vicky Unruh
University of Kansas (Emerita)
Affiliation: CLACS/Spanish & Portuguese (ongoing)
Country of Research: Cuba
Research Interests: Literary and intellectual culture of Spanish America