2 and 4 Year College Partners

Oscar Hernandez Ppuerto Rico student-funding
CLACS welcomes opportunities to collaborate with community colleges, technical colleges, and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to further expand Latin American and Caribbean Studies-related courses, programs and faculty professional development.

MSI Scholar Access Grant

UWM Scholar Access Grants are specifically intended for faculty from Community Colleges and from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to conduct library research related to Latin America or the Caribbean at the UW-Milwaukee or UW-Madison libraries, or both places.

Course Enhancement/Curriculum Development/ Professional Development

A priority mandate for National Resource Centers like CLACS is to invest in teacher training at 2 and 4 year campuses in order facilitate the development or enhancement of courses with Latin American content, or to contribute toward personal professional development endeavors that would lead to broadening or internationalizing the curriculum. The professional development could be for research travel, attending a conference on internationalizing the curriculum or with Latin America related content, or conducting a site visit to Latin America in order to develop faculty connections, a study abroad program, or an internship placement.

Contact Aimee Orndorf, aorndorf@uwm.edu for more information.