CLACS Faculty Liaison Grants

CLACS member participation is essential to the strength and vitality of the Center and, most importantly, to the future of the Center’s U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center designation and corresponding funding. CLACS Faculty Liaison Grants are offered as a way to involve our CLACS members more fully in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at UWM. We welcome your ideas, energy and initiatives.


Open to any UWM CLACS faculty member or senior lecturer, especially those from UWM’s professional schools with whom CLACS endeavors to build closer ties.


Please contact Aimee Orndorf, to discuss your area(s) of interest before submitting a brief, one-page summary of your plan/vision to serve as a CLACS liaison. Up to two CLACS Faculty Liaison Grants will be awarded each year.


      • December 1, 2017 for fiscal year 2017-18 (payment prior to June 30, 2018)
      • May 1, 2018 for fiscal year 2018-19 (payment prior to June 30, 2019)*

    *pending new federal funding


    In further consultation with CLACS director, associate director, and staff there will be up to a 1-year commitment for design/development and implementation of the project, and strategic update meetings every couple of months.


    A total of $1000 is provided for each liaison. Payment is made either as salary (minus fringe benefits) or toward research or conference travel.

    A selected list of potential Liaison roles

        • Curricular Development
        • Library Collection Enhancement
        • Professional School Relationships
        • Public Engagement Programming
        • Teacher Training/Professional Development
        • Regional Faculty Engagement
        • Graduate Student Network
        • Giving/Fundraising