The World Capital of Endangered Languages

The New York Times has an interactive article focusing on linguistic diversity in New York City. The article includes an interactive map highlighting different neighborhoods and language communities, and also has short clips of different people speaking in their language along with a translation and a bit of background about the person and/or language. Latin American related languages highlighted in the article include Nahuatl, Garifuna, Tlapanec, and Cuicatec. Other languages mentioned on the map but not highlighted include Puerto Rican Sign Language, Mapuche, and Taíno. Find that here.

The article was written in collaboration with the Endangered Languages Alliance, a New York City based organization that is, “dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.” Resources on their site include The Indigenous Languages of Latin America Project and different language profiles which feature information about each language’s background, structure, previous research, ELA’s work, and information about the New York-based communities that speak it.