Modeling Mesoamerica

At the end of October this year, the Stanford University Archaeology Collections released an amazing resource going into the archaeology of ancient Mesoamerican Indigenous peoples, the ancestors of contemporary Indigenous nations that span from today’s central Mexico all the way … Continue Reading »

Latinos at the Ballot Box

PBS’ Peabody Award winning documentary, Latino Americans, is a six-hour series that “chronicles Latino history in the United States from the 16th century to the present day.” PBS has a variety of lesson plans to accompany the episodes, but one … Continue Reading »

Virtual Internship Webinar

Join us on Nov 13th and Nov 20th for a two part event, organized with our friends in the Global and International Studies and The Department of African & African Diaspora Studies: Student Internships in the Virtual Space!
Part one on 11/13 at 12pm  frames the virtual internship experience, emphasizing strengths and opportunities, and why you might consider one in spring or next year. Register here
Part two on 11/20 at 12pm features an intern and employer panel. Register here