Japanese Peruvians in WWII

““You Brought Us Here”: The Plight of Japanese Peruvians in World War II U.S. Incarceration”, given by Dr. Natasha Varner on Wednesday, April 20 (4pm Central) via Zoom, will be the second event in a series on Japanese Latin Americans during WWII. Click here to register and click … Continue Reading »

Access to Global Public Health

April 19, 2022
10am Central
Dr. Paul Farmer, a founder of Partners in Health (PIH), died earlier this spring. To honor his impact and vision, this event highlights one of many global health professionals who carry forward that same commitment of public health for poor and underserved communities around the world.… Continue Reading »

Reinventing Community in Hualcayán, Peru: Ancient and contemporary transformations of landscape, ritual, and heritage

Rebecca Bria talk, 4/14/22

April 14, 2022
1:30pm Central
This talk traces Bria’s archaeological reconstruction of ancient community life in Hualcayán, Peru, a place Andean people inhabited, reimagined, and transformed over nearly four thousand years (2400 BC–AD 1450). It also reflects upon how Hualcayán’s ruins, infrastructure, and other material legacies continue to impact contemporary villagers… Continue Reading »