Report from the Field: UWM Freshwater Sciences Student Research (Laguna Bacalar, Mexico)

lake off seven colors

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
9am Central

In-person: Bacalar Municipio (open to the public)
Virtual: Register (via Zoom)

Laguna Bacalar is on the cusp of becoming one of the most threatened lakes in the world. An international research experience through UW-Milwaukee with funding from the National Science Foundation is providing students the opportunity to research freshwater and sustainability in a rapidly changing ecological corridor.

UWM student researchers will partner with English students from the Central Regional de Educación Normal (Teacher’s College) to present their diverse research projects to both a live and virtual audience.

Sponsored by the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, Centro Regional de Educación Normal (Bacalar), ECOSUR El College de la Frontera Sur Chetumal, UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the UW-Madison Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program.

UWM Student Researchers
Maddi Burclaw
Olivia Jayde Cattelino
Rachel Clark
Kieyarrah J Dennis
Alicia Noel Doberstein
Kyle Hunter Siverhus
Nathaniel Kenneth Tennies
CREN Student Participants
Diana Laura Briceño Medina
Angélica Gabriela Burgos Avila
Daniel Emir Burgos Chuc
Jordy Jair Canul Cajum
Natalia Montserrat Colli Tamay
Jessica Jacqueline Kumul Cotino
Angel Mauricio Ordoñez Elorza
Pablo Alejandro Padilla Cárdenas
Diego Antonio Pat Interian
Jonathan Eduardo Pérez Campos
Oscar Alberto Puc Nicoli
María Fernanda Rodríguez León
Alberto Alejandro Uc Sierra

Laguna Bacalar Project Support
National Science Foundation
Centro Regional de Educación Normal
Municipio de Bacalar
Gustavo Gil
Héctor Abuid Hernández Arana
Martín Maas
Amaranta Ramos Sánchez
Freshwater Sciences Faculty Team
Tim Grundl
Marissa Jablonski
Jerry Kaster
Val Klump