UN Language Celebrations

The UN’s International Mother Language Day was celebrated on February 21st, with this year’s theme being “Using Technology for Multilingual Learning: Challenges and Opportunities.” This fits in well with the UNESCO International Decade of Indigenous Languages, running 2022-2032. There are several resources the … Continue Reading »

CARIGEO’s 2022 Student Competition

The Caribbean Geospatial Development Initiative (CARIGEO) is holding their 2022 student competition entitled “Your Caribbean Story.” This competition allows “students like you to tell your story while encouraging spatial thinking and promoting research across the region” with a variety of … Continue Reading »

Atlas of Endangered Alphabets

The Atlas of Endangered Alphabets has a database of international “Indigenous and minority writing systems, and the people who are trying to save them.” One of these alphabets is Afáka, used to write a Surinamese creole of African origin called Okanisi or … Continue Reading »