Spotlight: Geosciences PhD Graduate, Nick Fedorchuk

This week’s #CLACSCommunity member is UWM alum and former Ruggiero-Handelman Field Research recipient Dr. Nicholas Fedorchuk! Nick was also a former recipient of the Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant.

Nick received his PhD in Geosciences from UWM in 2019 with a focus on sedimentology and stratigraphy. Since graduating, he has gone on to become an Assistant Professor of Earth Science at Southern Connecticut State University.

Nick’s research focuses on late Paleozoic glacial deposits in Uruguay and Brazil. By studying the movements and timings of glaciations in South America during the Carboniferous and Permian Periods (~300 million years ago), researchers can better understand how Earth’s systems will respond to future changes in climate.

“In the geosciences, we have to travel to places that contain rocks of the right age and the right features we are interested in studying. That is why the financial support from CLACS was so critical to helping me achieve my research goals. Besides the scientific objectives, it was an amazing experience for me to travel to Latin America and to meet and collaborate with so many impressive scientists from other countries.”