Climate Change on the Nicaraguan Coast

TedEd has a lesson on communities on the Nicaraguan coast who are deciding whether to move their community due to the continually intensifying storms symptomatic of climate change. This lesson includes a 6-minute video, multiple choice and open answer questions, discussion questions, and additional resources. Part of their Earth School series, another LAC-related lesson includes “The living forest: the Amazonian tribespeople who sailed down the Seine“.

When is water safe to drink?” is not explicitly LAC related but may be interesting to relate to information about Mexico’s 2012 constitutional amendment making water a human right and the complicated realities of upkeeping those statutes; UNESCO has a piece about the importance of access to clean water during health emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, waterborne diseases in Haiti after the earthquake, and the World Bank has an article about tracking diseases through wastewater monitoring.