Japanese Peruvians in WWII

““You Brought Us Here”: The Plight of Japanese Peruvians in World War II U.S. Incarceration”, given by Dr. Natasha Varner on Wednesday, April 20 (4pm Central) via Zoom, will be the second event in a series on Japanese Latin Americans during WWII. Click here to register and click here to find out more about the series and the related exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee.
To support this lecture series, we’re offering coordinated resources. Dr. Varner is the Communications and Public Engagement Director of Densho, an organization that is dedicated to “preserving Japanese American stories of the past for the generations of tomorrow.” This site has a variety resources related to the Japanese Peruvian experience, including 33 oral history segments, the handwritten autobiography of Japanese Peruvian Arthur Yakabi, and over 200 still images.TIME has a piece from 2019 discussing how Japanese Latin Americans released from internment camps in the US were considered “illegal aliens” despite their forced removal from their homes into US camps. A case study titled “U.S. Disregard for International Law in the World War II Internment of Japanese Peruvians” from Boston College is available here. Finally, there is a 40-minute video entitled “The Continuing Fight for Justice for Japanese Latin Americans” which is courtesy of Campaign for Justice and the Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project.