In Mexico, Ornately Painted Churches Enshrine Years of Indigenous Resilience

The New York Times has an article about Purépecha resistance and art in Michoacán, focusing on the Christian cosmology painted in Indigenous traditions that now reflects the community that surrounds it. Find that article here. To offer a wider variety of information on Purépecha traditions, Google Arts & Culture has an article about the cultural role of food in Michoacán found here. UNESCO has information on a style of music known as Pirekua, found here. To see specific examples of art, Getty has a photograph from 1981 and the Guggenheim has a sculpture circa 1250-1521 with some discussion questions.

Syncretism between Indigenous and colonizer religious traditions has created new practices often referred to as folk religions. The Berkley Center at Georgetown University has a post entitled Mexican Catholicism: Conquest, Faith, and Resistance found hereLLILAS Benson has a teaching resource about the Indigenous resistance to Christianization by colonizers in Mexico.