Latino Americans

PBS has a resource (recommended for grades 4-12) on U.S. Latinos that includes lesson plans, videos, and classroom resources rooted in the PBS series Latino Americans. Titles include “Identity, Immigration and Economics: Involuntary Deportations of the 1930s”, “Puerto Rican Perspectives”, … Continue Reading »

The Flores Exhibits

These exhibits feature “artists, lawyers, advocates, and immigrants read[ing] the sworn testimonies of children held in detention facilities at the U.S. / Mexico Border.” These powerful and deeply moving videos help illustrate the realities of these children, who have various … Continue Reading »

Combating Anti-Black Racism in Brazil and Beyond

Recently, SAPIENS, a digital anthropological magazine, published an interview with anthropologist Christen A. Smith that “[provided] insights into resisting police violence and creating safe societies for people of African descent.” This interview features topics like police brutality, the assassination of Marielle … Continue Reading »


Arturita,  a “collaborative digital humanities project aimed at facilitating exchange between archival communities in Latin America and the world”, hosts a few different books and published works for free on their website. One example is “Approaches to Chilean Cinema in … Continue Reading »