Have you heard of Red Tz’ikin?

A group of young indigenous Guatemalan activists and filmmakers have developed an online television organization. Their mission statement is to: Descentralizar, democratizar y descolonizar los medios de producción audiovisual. Tratamos de aportar a este gran objetivo a través de tres … Continue Reading »

Yasuní National Park

National Geographic photographers spend time documenting the diversity of life in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park. The ecologically and culturally rich area is at risk from an increasing demand for the large natural reserves of oil stored underground. Find more about … Continue Reading »

Indigenous School Uniforms

School children in Dzitnup, Yucatan can now wear their traditional Maya dress rather than European style plaid uniforms thanks to María Candelaria, the director of Ignacio Allende Primary School. Indigenous School Style Who likes wearing a school uniform? These indigenous … Continue Reading »

“La tragedia de las hermanas Mirabal”

On the anniversary of the death of three of the Mirabal sisters, the world honors the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Learn more about the three women who stood up to Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo here and below.