Latin American and Caribbean Art

The Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition opens its 60th year on the 20th of April. A New York Times Article is focusing on various Indigenous artists featured—including, “a collective of painters from the Brazilian Amazon, MAHKU (Movimento dos Artistas Huni Kuin)” who are painting the central exhibition hall with a mural. Check out the NYT article here for more information.

“Crafting Modernity,” a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, is highlighting pieces from 1940-1980 in six countries: Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Venezuela. Read about it in a NYT article here, or check out MOMA’s exhibit page for selected artwork, archival footage of Latin America from this time period, and more.

Finally, Art Basel has a great piece about the decision to have a Martinican artist represent France in last year’s Venice Biennale. In “Mapping the French Caribbean Art Scene” we learn both about incredible artists of this area but also the tensions that remain in the colonial ties between France and Caribbean islands that are either former colonies or current overseas departments. Find that here.