Höbel Lab’s Research Featured in UWM Report and on WUWM’s Lake Effect

The UWM Report featured Höbel Lab’s current research on eastern gray tree frogs. The lab created a unique “arena” to stimulate a mating environment that helps them research the frog’s sexual preference. Male frogs produce a wide variety of mating… Read More

Dr. Rafa Rodriguez Featured in L&S In Focus

UWM Biological Sciences’ Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Sevilla was featured in L&S In Focus for recently being elected as a fellow of the Animal Behavior Society. Dr. Sevilla’s research in animal cognition and sex selection helped him earn this prestigious position…. Read More

John Berges and Erica Young Heading UWM’s Involvement in Research Alliance

UWM Biological Science’s John Berges and Erica Young will head UWM’s involvement in a 27-institution research alliance. The research effort is headed by Auburn University and received a $10M award from the National Science Foundation. The research will focus on… Read More

Dr. Madhusudan Dey Featured in L&S In Focus Article

Dr. Madhusudan Dey was recently featured in an In Focus article discussing his research into protein folding and disease. Dr. Dey’s research focuses on the unfolded protein response, UPR, found within cells. The UPR works to solve issues with protein… Read More

Dr. Sonia Bardy Awarded an Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Excellence Award

UWM Bio Sci faculty member, Dr. Sonia Bardy, received the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Excellence Award. This award recognizes instructional staff members who demonstrate exemplary service to ARC students and staff. The Accessibility Resource Center aims to provide equal access… Read More

Recent Bio Sci Master’s Non-Thesis Program Graduate Featured in “In Focus”

Recent Biological Science Master’s Non-Thesis program graduate, Sarah Farhan was featured in the L&S July 2021 “In Focus.” Farhan was featured for her work with the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition. The aim of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition has been… Read More

Claire de la Cova Receives Grant from National Cancer Institute

Claire de la Cova (Biological Sciences) received an NIH R03 grant for $152,000 from the National Cancer Institute titled “Mechanisms of protein degradation that control signal transduction by Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK.” The research uses the animal model C. elegans to identify novel cellular mechanisms that promote destruction of  Raf,… Read More

Graduate Students Showcase BioSci Department

Graduate students Laura Rolfs, Libby Falat, and Sarah Sarich created videos to highlight the Biological Sciences department and science in general for a creative challenge. Laura Rolfs and Libby Falat created a video to highlight Gutzman Lab and invite future… Read More

Wisconsin Peregrine Falcons Hatched, Banded, and Named on UWM Campus

Wisconsin’s peregrines began a steady decline following the widespread use of DDT (a chemical insecticide). The last nests in Wisconsin were abandoned in the early 1960s. The Wisconsin Peregrine Falcon recovery program began in 1987 and works to help rebuild… Read More

Ava Udyadia Named 2021 UW System Regent Scholar

Congratulations to Dr. Ava Udvadia for being named a 2021 UW System Regent Scholar. She is one of three recipients of this award, and she earned it for her work with undergraduate students to study optical nerve regeneration. Learn more… Read More