Student Organizations

Your education outside the classroom is just as important as the learning that takes place inside the classroom.

20090401_LS_0000In addition to exploring on-campus research opportunities, we encourage you to seek out internships and part-time jobs that will give you a competitive edge as a job candidate or applicant to a graduate program. Internships vary and may be for credit, for pay, or a combination of both. Your biology advisor, the main biology office, and the Center for Career Development are excellent sources of information and you are encouraged to contact them and discuss your interests and options.

You can also join one of several student organizations to gain leadership experience, make new friends, and build a network of people with similar interests. The Center for Student Involvement lists the 300+ UWM student organizations. The following organizations are very popular with our majors:

  • Biological Sciences Association
  • American Society of Microbiology, Student Chapter
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Conservation Club
  • Pre-Dental Club
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Association
  • Pre-Optometry Club
  • Pre-Veterinarian Club