Current UWM students, please choose a faculty advisor from the list below by finding someone whose research interests matches or is close to your area of interest. Email him/her directly to set up an initial meeting to discuss your course and career plans. We also encourage you to visit during our open advising days to meet faculty advisors to discuss and get advice on coursework and career plans.

If you are still in the admissions process and not yet a UWM student, please schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor by calling (414) 229-7711 or emailing

Standard Option Biological Sciences Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Berges, John Marine Biology S587
Dunn, Peter Behavioral Ecology S497
Ehlinger, Timothy Aquatic Ecology S493
Karron, Jeffery Plant Ecology S585
Latch, Emily Population Genetics N215
Rodríguez, Rafael Behavioral Ecology S295
Strickler, Rudi Ecology Water Inst. 137
Whittingham, Linda Behavioral Ecology S499
Young, Erica Plant Biology S593

Cell & Molecular Biology Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Heathcote, R. David Neuroscience N411
Hutz, Reinhold Physiology N509
Oliver, Julie Cell Biology N209
Steeber, Douglas Immunology N211
Udvadia, Ava Neuroscience SB80
Wejksnora, Peter Molecular Biology 220
Wimpee, Charles Molecular Biology S495
Witten, Jane Neuroscience N409
Zhao, Dazhong Molecular Genetics 462

Microbiology Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Bardy, Sonia  Bacterial pathogenesis  464
Dey, Madhusudan Yeast genetics and molecular biology 460
Forst, Steven Host-microbe interactions 458
Kuchin, Sergei Yeast genetics and molecular biology 442
McBride, Mark Bacterial motility and pathogenesis N307
Prasad, Gyaneshwar Plant-microbe interactions 440
Saffarini, Daâd Bacterial respiration and pathogenesis N309
Wimpee, Chuck Molecular biology and evolution 486
Yang, Ching-Hong Plant-pathogen interactions 181