If you think Biology is for you, we encourage you to begin the “Declare Your Major” process. You will be assigned a faculty advisor in your area of interest who will guide you on courses within the major based on your specific and individual interests in Biology and will also be able to help you think about how to tailor your elective choices based on your short- and long-term education/career goals. With early advice and careful planning, you may save yourself time and money, so don’t delay!

  1. The Department offers two options for specialization in the Biological Sciences Major:
    1. Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB), for those interested in studying the structure and function of organisms and biological processes at the level of cells and the macromolecules that define them (DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates).
    2. Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology (EEB), for those interested in how in exploring the mechanisms governing interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment.
  2. The Department also offers a Major in Microbiology (Micro), for those interested in studying the genetics and molecular biology of microorganisms (such as bacteria, archaea, fungi) and viruses, and the roles they play in human, animal, and plant health and disease, as well as in biotechnology.
  3. If all of the above options sound exciting and you want to explore diverse interests, there is also the General Biology Option.

If you are still in the admissions process and not yet a UWM student, please schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor by calling (414) 229-7711 or emailing

General Biology Option Advisors

Any advisor listed below can serve as an advisor for the General Biology Option.

Cell and Molecular Biology Option Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Gutzman, Jennifer Cell & Developmental Biology N515
Quinn, Christopher Developmental Neurobiology N413
Zhao, Dazhong Molecular Genetics 462

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Option Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Alberto, Filipe Marine Biology S575
Berges, John Marine Biology S587
Dunn, Peter Behavioral Ecology S497
Hoebel, Gerlinde Behavioral Ecology S299
Karron, Jeffrey Plant Ecology S585
Latch, Emily Population Genetics N215
Rodríguez, Rafael Behavioral Ecology S295
Young, Erica Plant Biology S593

Microbiology Advisors

Name Research Area Lapham Office Email
Bardy, Sonia  Bacterial pathogenesis 464
Dey, Madhusudan Yeast genetics and molecular biology 460
Kuchin, Sergei Yeast genetics and molecular biology 442
McBride, Mark Bacterial motility and pathogenesis N307
Prasad, Gyaneshwar Plant-microbe interactions 440
Saffarini, Daâd Bacterial respiration and pathogenesis N309
Yang, Ching-Hong Plant-pathogen interactions 181