Graduate Organization of Biological Sciences

Campus Mail: Lapham Hall Room 181
Campus Office: Lapham Hall Room S197

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Purpose: To provide opportunities for professional development for a career in the scientific community including research, academia, and a vast array of avenues in science. To equip graduate students with the necessary tools for success in the graduate program, the university, and the community.

Activities: Workshops on curriculum vitae (resume) development, thesis and paper writing, grant proposals, and oral and prelim exam preparation. Presentations about careers, professional development, research, and the graduate student experience. Social events. Mentorship programs to connect senior graduate students with incoming students.

Conservation Club

The Conservation Club and its members hold meetings, socials, debates, guest speakers, trips and projects to promote greater environmental literacy on campus through the lens of conservation science. For example, the club completed their Purple Loosestrife Beetle Nursery Project in July 2014 as a part of their effort to combat invasive species in Milwaukee county.

Goals: We seek to educate our members and the wider community about local and global ecological issues and connect members with professionals in the field of conservation and resource management, all while having fun.

Relation to Bio Sciences: The club aims to provide opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life issues and efforts, with an emphasis in invasive plants, pollination biology, wildlife and resource management and protection.

Contact person: Kristine Kelnhofer, President,

Club email: