Cell and Molecular Biology Option Degree Requirements

The Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) option requires 34 credits. These consist of Bio Sci 150, Bio Sci 152, and 26 credits in courses at or above 300 level. Required courses and approved electives for this option are listed below. As a Letters & Science student, you are also expected to take additional courses in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities to satisfy university-wide general education requirements. In addition, you will take classes in formal reasoning, international awareness, and research to satisfy the College of Letters & Science breadth requirements.

To ensure that you fulfill the requirements for the BS degree in the CMB option in a timely fashion, it is very important to meet with your Letters & Science advisor and your Biological Sciences faculty advisor at least once a semester to make sure you are on-track. Please note, however, that some classes may fulfill more than one requirement and with early planning, you can save yourself time and money. Declare your major today to be assigned a CMB faculty advisor, who will help you prepare your four-year plan.

CMB Advising Sheet

CMB Program Sample Four Year Plan – Option 1

CMB Program Sample Four Year Plan – Option 2

Fact Sheet

Many students choose to double major in Biological Sciences – CMB Option and Neuroscience.

Biological Sciences CMB Option & Neuroscience Double Major Sample Four Year Plan

Fact Sheet


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