Minor in Biological Sciences

Undergraduate MinorMany students find that a minor in biological sciences is a useful addition to another major like chemistry, nursing, kinesiology, physics, or engineering. In particular, students interested in biotechnology careers will find that combinations such as chemistry and biology, or engineering and biology, are especially valued by employers.

Perhaps you just have a passion for biology but don’t intend to pursue a scientific career. We also have students majoring in the arts, different languages, and other humanities-based programs who choose a biology minor simply to learn more and explore their varied interests.

No matter your major, you can pursue your passion for biology with a minor – it can be completed in just five to seven classes.

Minor Advising Sheet

In order to complete your declaration, you will need to complete Foundations in Biological Sciences I (Bio Sci 150), and pass with a C or better. To declare a Biological Science minor, fill out and submit the…

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At least 9 credits must be taken at or above the 300 level in residence at UWM. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 in minor courses attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a GPA of 2.0 in all minor courses attempted, including any transfer work. The minor consists of 19 credits in Biological Sciences including the following:

Core Introductory Sequence
Foundations of Biological Sciences I
and Foundations of Biological Sciences II
Select at least one of the following:4-6
General Ecology
Cell Biology
and Laboratory in Genetics and Cell Biology
and Laboratory in Genetics and Cell Biology
General Microbiology
Additional Requirements
Select at least 7 additional credits in courses that carry credit toward the major7
Total Credits19-21