Biological Sciences Graduate Students Awarded Animal Behavior Society Grants

Congratulations to Clinton Sergi and Olivia Feagles who were each recently awarded research grants from the Animal Behavior Society for their projects. Clint’s project is entitled ‘Analyzing the causes of individual variation in web architecture in Latrodectus hesperus’ and Olivia’s project is… Read More

Drs. Peter Dunn and Linda Whittingham Awarded NSF Funding

Drs. Peter Dunn and Linda Whittingham have been approved for $375,000 in grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their project, “Collaborative Research: Functional genomics of plumage ornaments in a warbler”. This project will be in collaboration with… Read More

2018 Biological Sciences Research Symposium Schedule

The 2018 Biological Sciences Research Symposium will take place this Friday, April 13th. We hope to see you all there as we showcase our outstanding graduate and undergraduate students as well as their research in the department!

Drs. Erica Young and John Berges awarded NOAA-Sea Grant Funding

Professors John Berges and Erica Young, in collaboration with Hunter Carrick (Central Michigan University), have been awarded $214,442 in NOAA-Sea Grant funding to study silicate cycling in Lake Michigan. Silica plays a critical role in carbon cycling within lakes and… Read More