Career Fairs at UWM – Spring 2024

The Center for Student Experience and Talent (SET) at UWM is excited to announce the coming Spring career fairs at UWM! The career fairs will take place from 10am – 2pm in the UWM Student Union on the following dates:… Read More

Nicole Thunes: Graduate Researcher Profile

Nicole Thunes is a Ph.D. student studying microbiology. She studies the bacterium Flavobacterium columnare, which causes disease in wild and aquaculture-reared fish. Fish are an important component of our diet, and an excellent source of protein. Harvest of wild fish cannot… Read More

Lily Gierke: Graduate Researcher Profile

Lily Gierke, a native of Appleton, WI, joined the Alberto lab as part of the Support for Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program in 2017. Lily spent that summer genotyping hundreds of bull kelp specimens collected from across the distribution of… Read More

Sumona Dhara: Graduate Researcher Profile

Sumona Dhara earned her MS in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine from the University of Sheffield in the UK, and then worked for three years as a Molecular Biologist and Project Lead at a Biotech company (Nanosniff Technologies) in Mumbai, India. Since joining the lab of Ava Udvadia in the Biological… Read More

Loretha Jack: Undergraduate Researcher Profile

Loretha Jack (Biological Sciences, Conservation and Environmental Sciences double major 2019) “Doing research with a faculty mentor was really important for me. It helped me develop confidence in doing lab work because if you’ve never done that before, it can… Read More

Juan Orjuela: Undergraduate Researcher Profile

Juan Orjuela, a Colombian-born third-year veterinary student at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Canada, always knew he wanted to be a veterinarian. During his undergraduate years at UWM he took full advantage of the opportunities offered at UWM to… Read More

Jenny Wendlick: Undergraduate Researcher Profile

Jenny Wendlick (class of 2019) began conducting research in Jennifer Gutzman’s lab during her freshman year. The work in Dr. Gutzman’s lab uses embryonic zebrafish to study brain development. The first fold in the brain, formation of the midbrain-hindbrain boundary,… Read More