UWM Art History MA Grad Named Executive Director of Rochester Art Center

UWM Art History MA graduate Pamela Hugdahl has been named Executive Director of the Rochester Art Center in Minnesota.

Pamela earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Mills College in Oakland, CA, and a Master of Arts in Art History from UWM with certificates in Nonprofit Management and Art Museum Studies. She has traveled extensively, and was an exchange student in Japan, where she studied ceramics under Shoji Matsumoto in Ishikawa.

Please join us in congratulating Pamela on behalf of UWM Art History!

For more information, please visit Art Daily’s article here: https://artdaily.com/news/124227/Pamela-Hugdahl-named-Executive-Director-of-Rochester-Art-Center?fbclid=IwAR2ya7PaeACoHPwa6ZV3bEWXk8VV4ur2FzB1nglgnTCh_1hDKGSwuxz3owU#.Xtpxm_JrxTZ