Mathis Art Gallery Staff Pick: Cassie Kinney

We asked Mathis Art Gallery and UWM Art Collection Staff to share one of their favorite pieces from the collection. Here’s the pick by Gallery Attendant Cassie Kinney:

Utagawa Hiroshige
The Lake at Hakone (no. 11 from the series Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido), 1833-1934, Woodcut Print
UWM Art Collection, 1972.103.07

Utagawa Hiroshige was an ukiyo-e artist, often referred to as the last master of this Japanese tradition. This artist, and in return this piece, is a chosen favorite by a gallery guard and social media team member, Cassie. Cassie had been assigned a project in high school to recreate a woodblock print in a different media and ever since then has loved the ukiyo-e style. The style depicted a wide range of Japan’s culture, from beautiful women and sumo wrestlers to flora and fauna. Hiroshige’s long-lasting focus on landscapes, with series such as Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido and One-Hundred Famous Views of Edo, is a frequent inspiration to Cassie’s own art.