“Reflections on a Collection” Opens in UWM Art History Gallery

Reflections on a Collection: The UWM Icons Revisited Fifty Years Later opened in the UWM Art History Gallery on Thursday, February 5, 2015.

New Article by Professor Counts

Professor Derek Counts’ article “Myth into art: foreign impulses and local responses in archaic Cypriot sanctuaries” examines a series of sculptural representations of the triple-bodied monster “Geryon” (of Greek mythological fame) in Cypriot sanctuaries of the Archaic and Classical periods (ca. 750-325 BCE).

ARTHIST 101 in the UWM Art History Gallery

This week teaching assistants Anna Kupiecki and Kelsey McCarey Soya brought Derek Counts’ ARTHIST 101: Ancient to Medieval Art and Architecture students to the UWM Art History Gallery to view icons and reliquaries from the Charles Bolles Rogers Collection.

ARTHIST 101 Visits UWM Special Collections

he week of November 17th, discussion sections for Professor Derek Count’s ARTHIST 101: Ancient to Medieval Art and Architecture course were given the unique opportunity to closely examine facsimiles of medieval manuscripts.

Art History Featured in L&S In-Focus

The Department of Art History was featured in the October 2014 edition of the College of Letters & Science In-Focus monthly newsletter.

Digital Archaeology changes exploration of the past – By Kathy Quirk

An archaeologist in the Department of Art History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is exploring the past using the tools of the 21st century.