Rhyner Organizes Panel at CAA Conference

Stephanie Rhyner, a second year graduate student and teaching assistant, went with graduate students Anna Kupiecki and Leigh Wilcox, to the 103rd Annual College Art Association (CAA) Conference in New York from February 11 – February 14, 2015. At this conference, Rhyner organized and spoke on the panel “Activist Architecture: Contemplating the Criticality of Built Structure” supported by the Radical Art Caucus and Rhyner’s former professor Travis Nygard (Ripon College). This panel featured talks by Kevin D. Murphy of Vanderbilt University, Gregory G. Sholette of Queens College, and Todd Ayoung of the Pratt Institute. Each scholar presented their work, which featured the topics: Scott and Helen Nearing, the Gulf Labor Coalition, and ecovillages. Kupiecki, Rhyner, and Wilcox were also able to attend several other talks on fragmented ancient objects, bio art, and Medieval collecting.