Nebamun Hunting Birds

“Nebamun Hunting Birds” was beautifully recreated by undergraduate students, Rachel Kreiter and Molly Meier, as their experiential art project for ARTHIST 315: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt class. This assignment is a hands-on approach to ancient Egyptian art. After selecting a wall painting to recreate, each team of two gathers materials to make their own paintbrushes (based on ancient Egyptian ones). The squared grid system, used by the Egyptian artists to lay out their paintings, is used by the teams also – drawn onto papyrus to guide the proportions and placement of the figures. Natural pigments are used to replicate as closely as possible the materials available in pharaonic times.  The original, a stunning 18th dynasty wall painting  now in the British Museum, is from a now lost tomb near Thebes. It has been one of the choices for this project for three years, and this is the first time students have chosen to recreate it.

Jocelyn Boor