Former Visiting Assistant Professor adopts art from UMW Art Collection

Former Visiting Assistant Professor, Matthew Francis Rarey, donated to the Adopt Art program to help preserve and protect an African object from the UWM Art Collection that he discussed in his courses while at UWM.  Rarey adopted a Boli, a “ritual object” for a Bamana men’s association, made from coagulated blood, beeswax, wood, and earth.

This boli needed its own custom archival box with a slide out tray and drop-down section to be viewed without excessive handling. This box makes for neat and organized storage in the vault, while protecting and preserving the object. These efforts help provide long-lasting storage solutions that not only preserve the collection, but also make objects more accessible.

Are you interested in Adopting Art from the UWM Art Collection?

DISCLAIMER:  Matthew Francis Rarey were unable to come to the UWM Art History Gallery to participate, so Linda Brazeau, Director, UWM Art Collection and Galleries, and Christa Story, Curator, UWM Art Collection, placed the boli in its new storage box.  Kate Negri, Academic Department Associate, recorded the process.














Christa Story