Art History Graduate Student Presentations VII

In the last Proseminar presentations of the semester, Art History Graduate Students Kelsey Kuehn, Olivia Lonetti, Younchul Shin, and Robert Olive Little Jackson spoke on four objects from the UWM Art Collection. The grad students examined Christo’s lithograph “Lower Manhattan Packed Buildings Number 2 Broadway and Number 20 Exchange Place”, a 6th century sarcophagus in the shape of a reliquary, a 4th-5th century glass bottle, and Georgia Blizzard’s sculpture “Wise Old Owl”. Students were asked to conduct independent research on an object related to weekly course readings and present on their findings to the class. This data will be used by UWMAC staff to add to the object files and strengthen collection research. As all four of the objects are presented in the current exhibition “Legacies: ReVisioning the UWM Art Collection” the students gave their presentations in the newly opened Mathis Gallery!