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Ying Wang in Tibet

Associate Professor Ying Wang participated in a pilgrimage, or khora, at the snow-mountain Kangrenboqe (also known as Mt. Gangdis, Tise and Kailas) in Tibet during the summer of 2014.

ARTHIST 102 views Picasso, Kandinksy, and Miró

Last week students from Kara Hendrickson’s and Matt Rogan’s discussion sections visited the UWM Art History Gallery for the last time this semester.

Jeff Jara and “The Problem with Folk Art”

On Thursday, December 4, 2014, MA graduate Jeff Jara gave a gallery talk in the UWM Art History Gallery in conjunction with Katherine Murrell’s “Extraordinary and Ordinary: Folk Art from the UWM Art Collection.”

ARTHIST 101 in the UWM Art History Gallery

This week teaching assistants Anna Kupiecki and Kelsey McCarey Soya brought Derek Counts’ ARTHIST 101: Ancient to Medieval Art and Architecture students to the UWM Art History Gallery to view icons and reliquaries from the Charles Bolles Rogers Collection.

Molly McCourt presents at Film and History Conference held in Madison

Molly McCourt, a graduate student in the English/Film Studies Department and a teaching assistant for ARTHIST/FILMSTD 205: History of Film I: Development of an Art, presented at the Film and History Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin.