Dual Enrollment – Taught at UWM Campus or Online

Early College Credit Program

The Early College Credit Program (ECCP) is a state program that allows Wisconsin high school students the opportunity to take UWM courses for college credit, at little or no cost to the student.  All public high schools must participate in this program, private/charter high schools have the option of participating. If you are interested in participating please talk to your school counselor to determine your school’s process.

Admission Standards:

  • Milwaukee Campus: Sophomore or higher with 3.0 GPA.
  • Waukesha Campus: Open to freshmen who have completed Algebra 1 and higher, also must have a 2.0 GPA.

Applying for the Early College Credit Program

  • Students must first be approved by their High School. To apply you must fill out this form  by February 1st for summer courses, March 1st for fall courses and October 1st for spring courses. The form must be turned into the high school.
  • Availability: Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. No Winterim.

All materials must be received by August 1st for the Fall and December 15th for the Spring.

Course Selection

  • Courses listed with “Not Open to University Special Students”, mean they are not open to ECCP students.
  • Student must meet the pre-requisites of the course, so most upper level courses will not be an option.
  • ECCP students are the last to register. Students are encouraged to list backup courses on their form.
  • Students who are hoping to take Math and English courses as well as some Chemistry, Physics and Foreign language courses will have to take the UWM placement exams.

High School Special Program

Another option for students interested in dual enrollment is the High School Special program. This option is open to most high school students, including home-schooled students.

  • Who is eligible: High school sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
  • Cost: The student/family is responsible for 100% of tuition, fees and books. No financial aid is available to high school special students.
  • Availability: All academic terms, including summer.
  • How to apply; We need three pieces of information for every High School Special applicant.
  1. You must get your high school’s approval to take the course. This can come from a guidance counselor.
  2. Submit an application to UWM here: apply.wisconsin.edu
  3. Send a copy of your high school transcript. This can be uploaded on the application, or emailed in.

Important Deadlines: All materials must be received by August 1st for the Fall and December 15th for the Spring.