Dual Enrollment – Taught at UWM Campus or Online

Early College Credit Program

High school students in Wisconsin can earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP). Students must apply to the program and if accepted, are eligible to take one or more courses for high school credit, post-secondary credit, or both. Under ECCP, the costs of the courses are shared among UWM, the school district or private school, the state, and in some cases the student’s family. All public high schools must participate in this program, private high schools have the option of participating.

Admission Standards:

  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA. Students applying to our Waukesha and Washington County campuses must have a 2.0 GPA.

Please email all documents to dual-enrollment@uwm.edu

Course Selection

  • Please follow this link to see a list of courses offered at UWM. When looking at courses, please note that all branch campus subjects, Waukesha and Washington County, all start with CGS. Non CGS subjects mean the course is offered at our Milwaukee campus.
  • UWM courses may not be announced by the time ECCP applications are due. Its recommended that students look at the prior year when making selections.
    • If looking for fall courses, look at the prior fall. If looking for spring courses look at the prior spring.
  • Courses listed with the notation “Not Open to University Special Students”, mean they are not open to ECCP students. Student also must meet the pre-requisites of the course, so most upper level courses will not be an option.
  • Degree seeking UWM students get the first opportunity to enroll in courses, Early College Credit students will have to wait until about a month before courses begin to determine if there is space in the course to enroll Many courses will fill to capacity before a student is allowed to enroll, because of these we highly recommend listing backup courses.
  • Students who are hoping to take Math and English courses as well as some Chemistry, Physics and Foreign language courses will have to take the UWM placement exams. Students may not be approved for courses because they did not meet the necessary score on their exam.

Applying for the Early College Credit Program

  • Students must first be approved by their High School. To apply you must fill out this form and submit it by February 1st for summer courses, March 1st for fall courses and October 1st for spring courses. The form must be turned into the high school.
  • Who is eligible to apply: All Wisconsin High School students are eligible to apply to their High School, however UW-Milwaukee will only be accepting Juniors and Seniors into the program.  Freshman and Sophomores who have completed Algebra 1 are welcome to apply to one of our branch campuses, Waukesha or Washington County.
  • Cost: Depending on if the course is taken for high school credit and college credit, 25% of the reduced tuition may be billed to the family.
  • Availability: Fall and Spring and Summer semesters
  • How to Apply: We need three pieces of information for every applicant:
    1. Please submit this form to your high school by the dates outlined above
    2. Submit an Application to UWM here (do not fill out the essays)
    3. Send a copy of your high school transcript. This can be uploaded on the application, or emailed in.

All materials must be received by August 1st for the Fall and December 15th for the Spring.


High School Special Program

Another option for students interested in dual enrollment is the High School Special program. This option is open to most high school students, including home-schooled students.

  • Who is eligible: High school sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
  • Cost: The student/family is responsible for 100% of tuition, fees and books. No financial aid is available to high school special students.
  • Availability: All academic terms, including summer.
  • How to apply; We need three pieces of information for every High School Special applicant.
  1. You must get your high school’s approval to take the course. This can come from a guidance counselor.
  2. Submit an application to UWM here: apply.wisconsin.edu
  3. Send a copy of your high school transcript. This can be uploaded on the application, or emailed in.

Important Deadlines: students should aim to submit all application materials before the UWM priority deadline to ensure their best chance of enrolling in their desired class(es).