Concurrent Enrollment – Taught at High Schools

Dual enrollment at high schools, often called concurrent enrollment, is exempt from the 2017 Wisconsin legislation Early College Credit Program (ECCP); therefore, these arrangements require an MOU (Memo of Understanding) and direct arrangements between UWM and school districts or high schools.

The Office of Dual Enrollment connects high school teachers with the relevant academic department on campus. The department reviews the high school teacher’s transcripts and CV/resume to determine if they are qualified to teach a UWM course. After approval, the department assigns a UWM faculty member or academic staff instructor to serve as the faculty liaison; they support the high school instructor and ensure that the off-campus course is equivalent with the on-campus course. The academic department set the prerequisites for students who can enroll, the course policies, learning outcomes, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment methods.

The Office of Dual Enrollment works with the school district to estalish the agreement, supports both the high school instructor and the faculty liaison, provides on-site orientation for students, and manages all of the registration and administrative work.

Admission Standards:

  • Typically, students must be juniors or seniors and have a 3.0 GPA or a strong recommendation from a high school teacher or counselor. Academic Departments might have additional requirements students must meet to enroll in the course. Check with our Office for information about specific courses.
  • Students must be on track to meet UWM’s general admission requirements in regards to course completion.