Geek Week Crafternoon

UWM Union Concourse 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., Milwaukee, WI, United States

Stop by for a crafty afternoon of epic proportions! We'll have a variety of geeky craft kits available for you to make and take!

UWM TechStore Movie Trivia

UWM Tech Store

Pop into the UWM Tech Store and test your pop culture knowledge with a little movie trivia! Winner will receive a prize from the UWM Tech Store

Feminist Fiber Arts-Geek Week Edition

UWM Women's Resource Center (Union WG93)

Join us to cross stitch feminist geek iconography and discuss feminism in geek media and pop culture.

Geek Week Geocaching

Outdoor Pursuits, Klotsche 131A 3409 N. Downer Ave., Milwaukee, WI, United States

You're never too old for a real life treasure hunt! Try geocaching with us, an outdoor activity that combines walking with a tech-aided treasure hunting app! Navigating with maps and geolocation has never been this exciting! We will walk as... Read More

Geeky PowerPoint Party with PRSSA

Fireside Lounge 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Join PRSSA for a night of PowerPoint presentations and geeky opinions. Confident you know what Taylor's best album is? Or whether Percy Jackson could take on Harry Potter and win? Think "The Last of Us" is wayyyy better as a... Read More