African American Student Academic Services (AASAS)

Bolton Hall 170
Twitter @uwmaasas           


The Office of Central Advising (OCA) is a comprehensive, campus-wide unit that provides holistic, compassionate, intensive advising and opportunities for multicultural enrichment to students from diverse backgrounds who have not yet declared a major.

African American Student Academic Services (AASAS) provides academic student support services that promote African American/Black student success at UWM. AASAS advisors provide academic advising to students in the OCA. The advisors also work cooperatively with schools and colleges to assist students with declaring their major and transitioning to their major’s school/college here at UWM. The services our office provides:

· Financial aid application assistance

· Admission application assistance

· Tutoring and academic support referrals

· Information about scholarships, internships and other opportunities

· Personal and academic problem solving

· Cultural support and discussions

· Referral to on- and off-campus resources

· Celebrate your academic and personal successes!