Where can I meet other UWM Students?
What Services and Resources are Available to Support My Mental / Physical Health?
  • YOU@UWM is a place for students to access tips, guidance and campus resources designed to help keep their academics, wellbeing and social connections on-track.
  • For all things physical fitness, get active with University Recreation aka U-REC!
  • SilverCloud is an online, self-guided, interactive mental health resource available to faculty, staff and students at any time, on any device.
  • The Norris Health Center provides a variety of no-/low-cost medical services to assist UWM students with their health issues.
  • University Counseling Services provides a wide range of mental health services for UWM students, including “Let’s Talk”, informal and confidential conversations with a mental health provider.
  • Health Promotion and Wellness provides programs and services that promote student wellbeing and academic success.
  • Looking for additional mindfulness resources and strategies? Find more information HERE.
Where can I go to relax and have fun?
Who can I talk to?
Where are the physical spaces to promote mindfulness and wellbeing?
  • Check out our contemplation spaces map!
  • Lawn on Spaights Plaza
  • Library E275
  • Bolton 275
  • Gardens by Sandburg
  • Downer Woods
  • Favorite Study Spot
  • 3 benches under a beautiful tree on the lawn south of Mitchell Hall, west end
  • Mathis Gallery exhibit – Hostile Terrain 94 – About — Undocumented Migration Project
  • Blue Room in Zelazo
  • Fireside Lounge in Union
  • Green Roof at Freshwater Sciences
  • Downer Woods
  • 3rd floor lounge of Union
  • Area to the east of woods outside of Downer Woods
  • Water reclamation project next to Norris
  • Greenhouse
  • Fire Circle in the drive circle on Hartford and Downer
What Faculty / Staff Resources Can I Use?
  • There are many mental health resources available to faculty/staff, including how to support students as well as your own wellbeing.
  • There are a lots of resources and programs for faculty and staff available through Human Resources.
  • Did you know that faculty and staff are eligible for an on-campus fitness membership? Learn more about how to join
  • Looking to support students through a difficult situation? The Dean of Students offices offer many resources for faculty and staff, including a trauma informed teaching toolkit to help support students.
  • Visit the UWM events calendar for a full list of activities to share with students and other faculty/staff.
  • Subscribe to the Wednesday Wellness email, a weekly newsletter with information on UWM wellness and community opportunities.
  • SilverCloud is an online, self-guided, interactive mental health resource available to faculty, staff and students at any time, on any device.
  • Join the UWM Running Group.
  • For supervisors of UWM employees, check out this toolbox of resources aimed at helping supervisors and their teams.
  • Report It is a comprehensive reporting system developed to help individuals promptly share concerns, incidents of misconduct, inappropriate behaviors, or activities that may pose a risk to the health or safety of our community.

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