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What is it, who is on it, what is it doing?

Campus Cares supports student, faculty, and staff wellbeing by connecting, and advocating, and amplifying projects, services, and resources across campus.

Campus Cares was launched to address challenges identified during and before the COVID-19 pandemic, and has accelerated with additional data gathered, increased needs of students, faculty, and staff, and momentum around certain programs. Campus Cares has been nationally recognized for its work and unique approach.

Campus Cares commits

  • To build and analyze campus systems strategically and ecologically through relationships and collaboration, connecting individuals and units, identify gaps and strengths in the work and physical campus, and develop solutions that can help achieve the 2030 goal of UWM becoming a radically welcoming campus and to make a culture of care pervasive at UWM.
  • To focus on health and wellbeing issues and bring awareness that policies, and communications all contribute to developing a sense of belonging and connection within our campus.
  • To seek both planned and emergent solutions to challenges affecting campus culture and community, and advocates for leadership support and cohesive resources with the teams and units delivering services and programs.

Campus Cares is a participatory, grassroots initiative with representation from Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, the College of Letters and Science, the Department of Social Work, Enrollment Management, Financial and Administrative Affairs, and Student Health and Wellness.

Questions or want to get involved?  E-mail the Dean of Students Adam Jussel or HR Total Rewards Director Renee Joos.

Campus Cares Symposium 2023 Videos

Highlighting the wisdom of faculty and students from across campus on topics related to health and wellbeing.

Annie Melchior

Carlynn Alt

Deidre Marsh

Dimitri Topitzes

John Holland

Lea Hortman

Rebecca McAllister

Rose Hennessy Garza


To fully realize a culture of care at UWM by:

Offering opportunities to explore interpersonal connections and personal wellness pathways, providing inclusive support to all members of our community.

Transforming our community by encouraging the exploration of identity, wellness, and vision to support individual and collective care and sense of belonging for all members.

Taking grassroots action with members of the community so that all can participate in self-care and care for others.

Empowering community members to take responsibility, seek empathy, and advocate to translating values into behaviors.


Campus Cares is run by a strategic visionary team and project team that work collaboratively, side-by-side under the Campus Cares vision. Membership for each of these teams is made up of staff and faculty from across all UWM divisions, schools, and colleges.  The teams will engage in broad interests and will have a diverse membership.

Current Projects 

Project team

  • Planning a campus-wide health and wellness symposium for students, faculty, and staff for Spring 2023.  Modeled on Ted Talks – we give you Panther Talks!
  • Create a definition of wellbeing for the campus community steeped in data and national benchmarking from a public health perspective
  • Work with the strategic visions group to assess and analyze current health and wellbeing systems currently in place at UWM in order to identify needs related to health equity, student success, and employee wellness
  • Continue to support existing and new initiatives related to the UWM culture of care framework

 Strategy team

  • Developing framework for culture of care
  • Trauma informed care workshops and toolkits
  • Facilitated dialogues
  • Data analysis for faculty and staff needs
  • Working with project team on symposium and definition of wellness as needed
  • Working with HR on training, mentorship programs, etc.
  • Work with and alongside Campus Cares project team


A vision outlining behaviors that translate ideals into programs, policies, actions and everyday behaviors that persist over time and develop and strengthen a culture of care at UWM. View the entire Campus Cares Framework.



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