Academics and Enrollment Services

Below are some important links that provide academic and enrollment support:

Academic Support

Promotes a caring community and academic achievement through scholarly inquiry, critical thinking, effective reading, writing and speaking, and individualized achievement.

Meet one-on-one with qualified tutors for any subject, any project, and for any students and courses at any level at no cost.

Provides peer mentoring, free tutoring services, and supplemental instruction.

Provides equal access for students with disabilities to the University’s academic, social, cultural, and recreational programs.

Offers multiple services and resources to empower student’s success both in and out of the classroom – including a Walk-in Help Desk.

Promotes student success, research excellence, and community engagement by providing scholarly resources and services.

Central location for students seeking on-campus research opportunities.

Find contact information for the academic advising office of your particular college or school

Assists first-year, undeclared students in academic exploration through personalized advising, collaboration with faculty and staff, and supportive services.

Supports international education initiatives including International Admissions, Study Abroad, Global Studies, and more.


Assists students in applying to UWM for a four-year bachelor’s degree, or one of our associate degree programs at UWM at Waukesha or UWM at Washington County.

Provides one place for students seeking support with course registration, enrollment questions, financial aid, tuition payments, and more.

This site provides information on scholarships, financial aid, scheduling an individual appointment with a financial aid advisor, and answers to general questions about financial aid.

Provides information on the tuition and fee schedules for UW-Milwaukee.

Find information about applying for graduation, commencement, diplomas, and to review the graduation checklist to ensure you are ready to graduate and successfully navigate life after UWM.

This office maintains students’ official academic records, and supports student’s admission, enrollment, retention, and graduation through effective and reliable service.

Assists students in completing tests to earn credit toward their degree, gain admission to the university, and process exam and survey instruments.

Celebrates your lifelong connection to UWM through support and programming for the over 192,000 alumni living in 110 countries worldwide. The Panther network is strong and growing – welcome!

Assists students in pursuing a professional master’s degree, a certification, conducting research, or obtaining their doctorate.