Two students in UWM library

International students planning to attend UWM in person must be on campus by the first day of classes. If you cannot be here by then, you must defer your admission

Graduate Students (Master’s and PhD Degree Students)

You need to confirm your intent to enroll by accepting your admission in your Panthera application. Then contact your respective graduate program representative to inquire which faculty member will advise on course registration; you will register for your courses through PAWS. Register as early as possible because classes fill up.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) cannot assist with course registration. In addition to your faculty member, you can refer to the following two links for further registration information:  

All students in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa are required to be enrolled full-time:

  • Graduate (Master’s and PhD) students without an assistantship: at least 8 credits total each fall and spring semester
  • Graduate (Master’s and PhD) students with an assistantship: at least 6 credits total each fall and spring semester
Undergraduate Students (Bachelor’s Degree Students)

Follow these steps to enroll in your classes:  

  1. Complete the Intent to Enroll To-Do item in PAWS 
  2. Complete your UWM New Student Orientation 
  3. Complete your Course Placement 

Enroll in classes with your academic advisor through PAWS as part of your New Student Orientation.   

All students in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa are required to be enrolled full-time.  You must enroll in at least 12 credits total each fall and spring semester for undergraduate (bachelor’s) students. 

Removing Enrollment Holds

Enrollment holds prevent you from enrolling in classes. Learn how to find and resolve them.

Paying Your Tuition

Review the information in the “Making Payments” section on the UWM One Stop Billing & Payments page.

Full-Time Enrollment Requirement

How many credits is full-time enrollment?

  • Undergraduate students: at least 12 credits each fall and spring semester.
  • Graduate students: at least 8 credits each fall and spring semester.
  • Graduate students with an assistantship employed at 33% or more: at least 6 graduate credits each fall and spring semester. The Graduate Program may require a higher minimum.
  • Graduate students in Prelim status: at least 1 credit each fall and spring semester. 
  • Graduate students in Dissertator status: at least 3 credits each fall and spring semester.
  • Summer and WinteriM semesters are optional unless they are your first semester or graduating semester at UWM. Make an appointment with an immigration coordinator for more details.
Online Classes

Standard F-1 visa regulations allow one online course to count towards full-time enrollment each semester. Sponsored students may have additional restrictions based on sponsor allowances. If you have questions about your situation, make an appointment with an immigration coordinator.