Current Students: Forms & Procedures

Below you will find commonly utilized forms and procedures related to Academic Advising, enrollment processes, major progression, or other questions and concerns. For additional help, please complete the PSOA advising office contact form.

Academic Forgiveness Request

Students who previously attended UWM, earned a GPA of less than a 2.0, and took a period of at least 3 years or more away from school may appeal for academic forgiveness.

For minimum eligibility requirements and implications please reference the academic forgiveness section on the One Stop Student Services web page.

Art Ed Methods Application

Art Education students who plan to enter the required Methods courses in any given fall semester must apply no later than April of each academic year. Methods cannot begin sooner than a student’s fourth-to-last semester. If you are entering either your fourth-to-last or third-to-last semester and meet the following requirements, please submit this form online to be reviewed by your academic advisor and the Art Education department.


  • Art Ed 227 (B or higher earned)
  • Math & English Part A requirements (C or higher earned)
  • First Year Program courses
  • Comm 101 or 103 (C or higher required)
  • 30 credits of Art Studios
  • Act 31 requirement (attend workshop or one of the following courses: AIS 203, Anthro 213, Hist 263)
  • 2.75 Cumulative GPA

Art Ed Methods Application Form

Contact Form

Have a question for Peck School of the Arts Student Services? Fill in the Advising & Student Services contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Change of Major or Minor/Certificate Declaration

Any student who desires a change of major or minor/certificate declaration must be in good standing at the university and must also schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor before changes are processed. You may only declare a minor from *outside* your home department. You may declare any certificate for which you are eligible.

Required action steps

If you are a current PSOA major seeking to declare a major within the PSOA, schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

If you are a current PSOA major seeking to declare a major outside the PSOA, see the following list of advising offices to schedule an appointment in the school/college of the desired major.

If you are not a current PSOA student, please complete the Advising & Student Services contact form and we’ll be in touch soon!

Film Courses

If you are a Film, Video, Animation & New Genres BFA student, refer to the Film Courses in Categories PDFs below to understand which course topics fulfill each required elective area (such as the Production and Portfolio course categories).

Film Courses in Categories (All current Film students)
Film Courses in Categories (Film students since Spring 2020 or earlier)

Grievance Procedures

If you have concerns about a class or a grade, follow the listed steps for the PSOA Grievance Procedures.

Pay close attention to the required timeframes in which you will need to make appropriate contact with faculty members.

You may consider scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the issue, especially if a grade outcome may affect required courses for the next semester. However, please note that your Academic Advisor will ultimately refer you to the Grievance Procedures to address your concerns and cannot influence decisions made by faculty.

Late Drop Appeal

Students can drop a course until the 4th week of class without record of the course on the transcript. After the 4th week of class, any drop/withdrawal receives an official withdrawal (W) notation/grade on the permanent record. Students may freely withdraw from a course up until the 10th week of classes. After the 10th week of classes, requests for a drop/withdrawal of a course(s) requires approval through an appeal process. The information below in no way guarantees approval of appeal, nor does it count as an endorsement.

If the reason for your appeal to withdraw late from a course is due to medical reasons (whether appealing to withdraw from a single course or all courses), you must instead complete the Medical Withdrawal Request.

If the reason for your appeal to withdraw late from a course is not due to medical reasons, please read through the following information, below.

Conditions not allowed for late drop/withdrawal appeal consideration

  • Conditions or factors of which a student has been aware prior to the tenth week of classes (such as work responsibilities or outside commitments) are not sufficient to merit approval of a late drop or withdrawal
  • Poor performance, dissatisfaction with the subject matter, or inadequate evaluation prior to the ninth week are insufficient reason for a late drop or withdrawal

Conditions allowed for late drop/withdrawal appeal consideration

  • Significant/extraordinary and/or unanticipated circumstances not present throughout the term
  • Significant/extraordinary circumstances that have changed dramatically after the tenth week

Instructions Late drop/withdrawal appeal process

  • Plan to attend and remain in all courses until final appeal decision is reached
  • Student is responsible for gathering all necessary documentation
  • Strict confidentiality is applied to any personal issues or issues of a sensitive nature
  • Once all appropriate documentation is submitted to advisor, decision is communicated to student
  • Consideration of a medical withdrawal is separate from this process (dropping all courses in the current semester due to medical reasons, or dropping a single course in the current semester due to medical reasons). You must instead complete the Medical Withdrawal Request.

Required action steps

  • Contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your situation further.
Medical Withdrawal Form

Students who experience a serious and unexpected condition during the academic semester that completely prevents them from being able to function as a student may apply for a Medical Withdrawal. A Medical Withdrawal is the process used to fully remove the student from the requested term. In some instances, a Medical Withdrawal may also result in the proration of tuition and segregated fees for that term.

PSOA Arts Elective Courses

If you are a PSOA major and need to fulfill your PSOA Arts Elective requirement, please refer to the arts elective courses for permitted courses.

Courses must be from outside your home department and come from different departments of the PSOA (the requirement cannot be filled in with courses from the same department).

The PSOA Arts Elective requirement is different than the university GER-A (GER-Arts requirement). Although there is some overlap between both lists, there are also differences (for example, creative writing from the English department and Architecture courses are not approved for the PSOA Arts Elective courses requirement).

Registration Change Form

Any student who needs assistance enrolling in a course must use the Registration Change Form from the Registrar’s Office.

If you are a PSOA major and you are confident you meet the pre-requisites for a PSOA course offering, you may email your Academic Advisor for assistance.

Examples for when the Registration Change Form is required

  • If you are a PSOA major and you do not meet the pre-requisites for a course, the course requires Consent of Instructor, or the course is full, and you are seeking permission to enroll. Instructor permission required.
  • If you are a PSOA student requesting to take a non-PSOA course for a third time (after 2 prior failed grades). Instructor and advisor permission required.
  • If you are a PSOA major seeking to add a course after the university add deadline. Instructor and advisor permission required.

Required action steps

  • If only instructor permission is required, obtain instructor’s signature and take form to Registrar’s Office in Mellencamp 274 during office hours.
  • If you are seeking permission for course repeat or late add, email advisor to discuss further:
    • Obtain instructor’s signature
    • Obtain Academic Advisor’s signature by taking form to Student Services office in Theatre 120; the staff will request you to come back to pick up at a later time, typically within 24-48 hours
    • Pick up the form and take it to Registrar’s Office in Mellencamp 274 during open office hours
    • If adding a course late, monitor PAWS for applicable fees due from the additional course fees charged
UWM Re-Entry

If you previously were a UWM student but haven’t been enrolled for 2 or more semesters, or you were academically dropped and want to return to UWM, you will need to complete re-admission steps.

Required action steps

  • Apply for re-admission
  • Students who left UWM in good academic standing should plan to meet with their academic advisor after completing the necessary re-admission steps.
  • Students who left UWM after receiving a 1-semester or 4-semester drop are required to meet with their Academic Advisor to receive permission to re-enter UWM and must also complete the required admission steps.
  • Students who took coursework at another university while away from UWM must submit official transcripts to the Admissions department as part of the re-entry process.