Orchestra Performance at Zelazo Center

We embrace the power of the arts to build community and transform lives by creating a space where everyone can find inspiration. Through community events and learning opportunities for all ages and backgrounds, you are welcome in our vibrant community of artists. Attend performances and screenings, explore exhibitions and even uncover a new talent of your own.

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Upcoming Events

Youth & Community Programs

UWM World Percussion 2023

We offer a diverse range of engaging and educational experiences for children, teenagers and adults. Young artists love our after-school programs, career exploration events, and summer camps in the visual and performing arts. Adults thrive in workshops, community ensembles and other creative outlets. Regardless of age, our dedicated faculty and staff build a safe and supportive environment for creative minds to discover their artistic voice and flourish.  

Series & Spaces

Kenilworth Open Studios Gallery Wall

Visual Arts

Explore thought-provoking film and animation, surround yourself with captivating art or tune into an Artists Now! Lecture. Whether you are an art connoisseur or simply appreciate the beauty of visual expression, join us to celebrate creativity and gain a new understanding of the world through art.

UWM Springdances 2022

Performing Arts

Our performing arts series showcase the exceptional talent and creativity of our students, faculty and guest artists. From thrilling music concerts and captivating theatre productions to mesmerizing dance performances, our series offers a full season of world-class and accessible live entertainment.  

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