UWM PSOA World Percussion 2023

It’s never too late or too early to learn and grow. We offer a diverse range of engaging and educational youth and community arts programs for learners of all ages, from children and teenagers to working adults and retirees. Whether you join us for an arts summer camp, try out a dance class or play in a community ensemble, our dedicated faculty and staff create a safe and supportive environment for you to develop your artistic skills, gain confidence and explore your unique talents.

In addition to the youth and community arts programs below, you may be interested to know that UWM provides options for high school students to earn college credit through the Office of Dual Enrollment. Plus, many of our alumni and staff teach creative arts programs offered through UWM College for Kids and Teens. No shortage of options here!

Upcoming Events

Visual Arts

Artists Now! Guest Lecture Series
Fall, Spring (Wednesdays)
All Ages
A lecture series designed for a broad audience with an interest in contemporary visual art. Each week presents a diverse group of national and inter-national artists working across traditional, hybrid and emergent disciplines.
Summer Workshops: Jewelry & Metalsmithing and Digital Fabrication & Design
June 22–August 17, 2024
Ages 18+, Accompanied Minors
Investigate a variety of topics, techniques and strategies while learning new ways to solve problems in the jewelry, metalsmithing, digital fabrication, and design studios.
Art and Design Summer Open Studios
June 3–August 13, 2024
UWM Students + Alumni
Available for intermediate to advanced Jewelry & Metalsmithing and Digital Fabrication & Design students and alumni with previous studio training seeking access to help make their own self-guided projects.
artsECO Pre College Program
Fall, Spring, Summer
Ages 14–18
Students build portfolio and art-making skills while venturing into new media such as printmaking, sculpture or digital processes. This on-campus experience can also lead to college applications, first-year opportunities or scholarships!
UWM Experimental Tuesdays - Animations by Justin Tomchuk
Fall, Spring (Tuesdays)
All Ages
Free screenings of the most recent and celebrated experimental work in 35mm, 16mm and video. A standout venue for a parade of visiting filmmakers and touring programs, this series is hosted in partnership with UWM’s Union Cinema.
June 24–28, 2024
July 22–26, 2024
Ages 14–18
Our film summer camps offer unique ways for young filmmakers to gain essential skills while participating in workshops led by practicing artists and professors.
Film Day in the Life of a Film and Animation major Promo image
November 8, 2024
Ages 14–18
Are you a high school student with a passion for film or animation? Whether you’re already experimenting or curious to learn more, we’re providing an experience just for you!
Milwaukee Home Movie Day promo image
October 14, 2023
All Ages
Community members are invited to bring in their home movies to have their materials inspected and/or repaired by UWM volunteers and screened for an audience while the owner narrates.

Performing Arts

Fall, Spring
Ages 12+
This ensemble is for individuals with an interest in learning the musical techniques and performance styles of folk and popular genres from different corners of the globe.
Free Dance Classes for High School Students
Fall, Spring
Ages 18+
Interested in learning about a day in the life of a dance major? Purchase a voucher to join us for a class with first-year majors and discover what it’s all about! You can choose to attend a single class or a bundle of ten.
Dance High School Workshop Day Promo Image
January 31, 2025
Grades 9–12
High School Workshop Day is the best way for high school groups and classes to learn from our internationally known faculty and to experience what it’s like to study dance at the college level.
Winterdances Matinee and Talkback Promo Image
January 31, 2025
Grades 9–12
Presenting a special matinee for high school groups and students including an audience talkback with the opportunity to learn about the performance and life as a UWM dance student.
July 25–27, 2024
Ages 14+
Designed for young dance artists seeking to deepen their dance practice, you will discover new techniques and build bridges that lead to pursuing dance professionally and in higher education. 
Day in the Life of a Theatre Student promo image
October 9, 2024
Ages 14–18
Are you a high school student with a passion for theatre? Whether you’re a performer, a behind-the-scenes enthusiast, or someone who loves theatre, this exciting event just for you.
November 15–17, 2024
Ages 11-18
The region’s top middle school instrumentalists work with nationally recognized wind band conductors, participate in master classes and attend performances during this popular festival.
MKE Percussion Festival Promo Image
April 11–12, 2025
All Ages
This festival brings together percussionists for educational opportunities, workshops and performances. Attendees will learn about a variety of topics, instruments, techniques, and musical styles.
October 11, 2024
Ages 14–18
An event for high school musicians featuring faculty performances, breakout sessions, large ensemble rehearsals, interactive music theory and more!
September 20, 2024
Grades 7–12
A vocal festival open to tenors and basses with no advance preparation necessary. Students are organized into middle school and high school choirs with performances from both.
Fall, Spring, Summer
Ages 4–18
The UWM String Academy offers students a comprehensive musical education with a focus on the violin or viola. Students use their minds, ears, and bodies to express themselves through music.
Suzuki and Pre-College Guitar
Fall, Spring
Ages 5-18
Through comprehensive lessons and performances, students of all skill levels build a foundation in classical guitar and learn the skills required to be versatile in any style.
University Community Band Placeholder Image
Fall, Spring
Ages 18+, Approved Minors
The band performs one concert each semester with repertoire including standard and contemporary pieces. There is no formal audition to join, but previous band experience is required.
University Community Orchestra
Fall, Spring, Summer
Ages 12+
Advanced beginners and skilled amateurs rehearse and perform together in this ensemble. Open to anyone who reads music and enjoys playing classical symphonic and pops repertoire.
University Community String Orchestra Promo Image
Fall, Spring, Summer
Ages 12+
Advanced beginners and skilled amateurs rehearse and perform together in this ensemble, which is open to anyone who can read music and enjoys playing a wide variety of string repertoire.
Vocal Arts Festival Warm-Up
January 31–February 1, 2025
High School Students
An opportunity for talented singers to interact with, perform for, and join their voices with peers from around the region. Participants will have the chance to learn and grow as both soloists and choral artists.
Conducting Symposium Promo Image
March 8-9, 2025
Ages 18+
Focusing on conducting, scores and teaching, sessions will include conducting pedagogy, rehearsal techniques and musicianship. Attendees may apply as a participant or observer.
Youth Jazz Ensemble
Fall, Spring (Thursdays)
Ages 14–18
Featuring high school students from the Greater Milwaukee Area, this ensemble provides the experience of being in a professional jazz ensemble, including performing opportunities.
Youth Wind Ensemble UWAY
Fall, Spring (Tuesdays)
Grades 8–12
Providing the region’s finest woodwind, brass, and percussion students opportunities to rehearse and perform traditional and contemporary repertoire with other likeminded musicians.

Go Behind the Scenes with Us

As an arts school, we take campus tours one step further by offering on-the-go information sessions designed for creative minds. Go behind the scenes with one of our arts ambassadors and learn about our programs along the way.